Three Kinds Of Free Birth Control

We offer all of West Tennessee free access to easy to use, reversible methods of contraception. We make it easy to plan and get a step ahead if life. To make an appointment, call 731-695-9966.

A Call Center That Operates 24/7

This makes it easy to make an appointment by call 731-695-9966

Contraceptive Counseling

If you are not sure which birth control method is right for your and your body, the medical professionals at our partner clinics will talk through the decision with you to help you decide the best methods for you.

Comprehensive Medical Visit

A Step Ahead Foundation believes in best medical practices and provides a bundle of services with your appointment for long-term reversible birth control. These may include; pregnancy test, STI/STD testing, PAP smear, cost of the birth control and the cost for the medical providers time.

Free means FREE

If you don’t have insurance we will cover the full cost. Our goal is to ensure that all women can access low maintenance, highly effective, reversible birth control with no out of pocket cost. A Step Ahead Foundation is here to make sure that you never get a bill for your birth control appointment through us. We do this by serving as the payer of last resort. That means the clinic will charge TennCare, Title X or your private insurance but if there are any left over costs A Step Ahead Foundation will pay them.

Our Birth Control

A Step Ahead Foundation only provides the most effective methods of birth control. All of our birth control is reversible, so it can be removed by a health care provider at any time.

Still have questions about how to get birth control? Check our FAQs page.

Not in West Tennessee?

Good news, we're expanding! Check out our current and upcoming affiliate locations, and get information on starting your own affiliate of A Step Ahead Foundation.