We want to work with you!

We would love to work with your organization - we have materials and informational sessions fit for all sorts of settings: community organizations, health care professionals, professional workshops, church groups, after school programs, and more. Contact margaret [at] asafwesttn [dot] org for more information.

Educational sessions are free of charge and a great way to partner with A Step Ahead West Tennessee.

Community Programs

Girl Talk

Girl Talk is a five week series of educational sessions designed for young girls addressing topics such as hygiene, consent, self esteem, self empowerment, and general questions young girls may have.  Sessions are designed for ages 9-15 and 16-18.  Call 731-695-9966 to get your girls group a Girl Talk program.  We supply the materials, the snacks and fun games.

Empowered Teen Council

Empowered Teen Council is a year long program designed to reach senior high school young women, who are preparing to graduate and leave home.  Many questions surround this period of jubilation for graduation, but the unknown of college life.  ETC meets every two weeks after school to have an educational session on topics such as campus life, financial literacy, reproductive health, goal planning, sorority life, consent, time management, and other life skills that are not taught in school.  Contact your school counselor to be a part of this prestigious group.  Applications begin every spring.

Real Talk

Real Talk is an educational program designed for college aged women and above.  Real Talk discusses the reality of planning your life and the impact of having a child before you are financially, emotionally and spiritually ready.  Real Talk sessions can last for an hour or longer depending on the group and the questions to be answered.  This program can be conducted in the dormitories for convenience. Call 731-695-9966 for your Real Talk sessions. We include prizes, snacks and great information.